we are a small but professional group of bigfoot researchers,we are located in warren pennsylvania,we are always looking to investigate any eyewitnees reports of the bigfoot,we do a majority of our research in the allegheny natinal forest in warren pennsylvania,but often we get emails or phone calls regarding what they believed was a bigfoot they had saw looking for an explanation of what they had saw, that's generally where we come in,we go investigate what they saw and try to give them an explanation, we are looking to expand our group as well,this means membership is open,we do not charge an annual or monthly membership fee like some groups does(without mentioning any group names),in our opinion it's just wrong to be proffiting off of the bigfoot(it's a passion to our group,not a money maker),however,we dont see nothing wrong with groups or individuals seeking a sponsor for groups or individuals,we do say that you are responsible for your own equipment,and your camping fees and food when out of state on hunts or investigations, so we do look forward to hearing about your sightings or your possible membership with us.you can always cotact us by calling (814)706-7905,or,email us at our website,or,at thedogpound33@gmail.com,and again we look forward to hearing from you.


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